Fact: Foundation and concealer are the hardest products for women to find.

Foundation makeup creates the canvas to which all other products are applied, so it is essential that this step in makeup application is done right.

The guessing-game of attempting to select the perfect foundation and hoping it works with your skin tone from Walgreens to Sephora or even at a department store are over!
If you desire exactly what you need for your best looking complexion, MelanieNarbutis.com custom-blend foundation service is the answer.

What is a MelanieNarbutis.com Custom-Blended Foundation?

Expertly chosen pigments, blended with skin-protecting treatment(s) that form a tint specifically your complexion that's available in a special refillable bottle with a handy pump and matching travel size.

Matte or dewy finish? Pearlized? Bronzed? Skin-protecting Vitamin E? even a “candlelight glow”? Multiple additional treatments are available to ensure that your foundation will be exactly what you need for your best looking complexion.

After color and treatment are properly matched, your custom-blended foundation will appear invisible on the skin providing a flawless and smooth look with a natural finish and luminosity.

The MelanieNarbutis.com Custom-Blend Foundation process is virtual and quite painless

The process begins by emailing a photo of yourself and starting your own Custom Blend Recipe profile so our LIVE CHAT will be much more productive.
During our confidential one-to-one, we'll discuss any of your concerns that may include skin tone, undertone, and recipe-formulation.
We'll also discuss your unique set of traits: coloring, skin type, age, lifestyle and daily climate, personality and preferences.

Seasons change and so does our skin. Your core foundation profile will be retained and used for any additional recipe that's needed.
Just for you, I can add sunscreen, darken a shade, add pearl highlights or make the foundation texture matte.
All your custom-made color-formulas will also be saved and available to be re-ordered and even re-createded in 3 forms; Foundation, Concealer (available also for Men) or Powder.

What's the next best-part about a MelanieNarbutis.com Custom-Blend? You can return for tweaks it until you’re satisfied.